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Needless to say, it didn't work the way Juarez and his cientificos indented.
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I don't have the time to write an essay on the importance of teachers and teaching. Though people laud teachers from time to time, and many of us can remember a specific teacher (or several) for whom we are grateful, it still happens that teaching is an undercompensated job, often in poor working conditions, for little recognition for the majority of teachers.

Some people say 'if you can read this, thank a teacher,' and that's all well and good, but really, if you can spare it (even just once), I humbly suggest that if you can read this, thank a teacher and then give them $501.

Talk is cheap.

1 Please exercise caution, and don't try to give cash money to someone who is currently teaching you. It might be misunderstood.
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I've been looking at Kindle, the Sony eReader and others, but hands down the most functional of the bunch is the iRex iLiad eReader. The Amazon and Sony products offer only limited (if at all) functionality for PDFs (with Kindle you have to pay for the privilege!). The iRex also uses a stylus, allowing one to actually affect content, rather than just reading (and bookmarking). The downside to the expanded functionality is that the iRex costs more than twice the price of the Sony or the Amazon prodcuts. Poo.

The instructor for my history seminar gave us a fairly large number of texts to read via PDF, which is pretty cool, but I am disinclined to print them out, and would like some way to read these docs outside of Ampersand, which is alas not tremendously useful in bright sunlight.

This is all pretty silly of me, as really, I should be grateful for the bounties I have, rather than eyeing the new shiny. Oh well.

I am grateful, by the way. Just so you know.
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Mindich discusses the ante-bellum debate over slavery in terms of Daniel Hallin's three spheres of public discourse: the Sphere of Consensus, the Sphere of Legitimate Controversy, and the Sphere of Deviance. (These are represented in the diagram in the book as three distinctly shaded concentric circles but they seem to have been blurred together in the photocopy in the reader.) Over time, he notes, issues can move from one sphere to another: "The support of women's suffrage, for example, moved over time from Deviance to Legitimate Controversy to its present position: deeply embedded in the Sphere of Consensus." (p.48) Pick a contemporary issue whose position in the three spheres is contested or uncertain: that is, an issue that some people insist belongs to one sphere and others insist belongs to another sphere. How does this issue contrast or compare with the status of slavery in the ante-bellum period?
Of the several issues of political controversy in contemporary American society, one issue whose position in public discourse has changed in recent years is the question of torture. Before 2001, torture was very much an academic issue in the US, and the idea of torture as an illegitimate investigative tool in law enforcement or the military would have fall generally in the Sphere of Consensus, with people generally agreeing that torture is a bad thing. With the hijackings of September 2001, many Americans' perceptions of the world, their safety in the world, and the measures necessary to maintain that safety changed drastically, thrusting the legitimacy of torture into the Sphere of Controversy, as debate began over 'ticking bomb scenarios', and the Administration worked to undermine previously held views of torture as something done by evildoers to heroes and victims, and inject into American discourse discussions of definitions of torture, something that would have been politically unthinkable previously. Similarly, the idea that torture is never acceptable has moved from the edge between the Spheres of Consensus and Controversy before 9/11, and now it has moved to the periphery of discourse to the Sphere of Deviance. While the national attitude regarding slavery evolved over time during the 19th century, national views of torture changed much more quickly in the wake of September 11, 2001.

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Today I had the morning off from work, since the Chancery observes Columbus day. I don´t have the same day off from school, because Columbus is no longer the political hero he once was (to men of European stock anyway). Today we have a peer editing workshop for the second (of three) composition in Spanish. The first draft follows.

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I filled out and turned in the declaration form for my Major Course of Study at UC Berkeley. I'll be a History major unless something drastic and tragic happens between now and Spring '09.

Now to celebrate by reading... lots.
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With grateful thanks to [ profile] rhiannonstone for the link.

What did you make last year?

Must learn more about this Taylor Mali.
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Just back at work from KublaCon. No time to post when I dragged my sorry self home last night because between the ride home from KC and the actual getting home, we detoured to a lovely birthday party where the host and guest-of-honor was simultaneously [ profile] rissymonster. The food very tasty, and the company was great fun. Would that I could have gotten earlier and stayed later.

I'm still rather bushed, though a second full night's sleep should go a long way toward my return to restfulness. I hope to see about a third, a fourth, and maybe even a fifth before I stop with the nice restful sleep thing.

I have more specific con thoughts, but I need to organize them, and need to be more alert before I can start with the organizing. I'll try to get in a post or two within the next day or so. I also look forward to hearing about other peoples' experiences at KublaCon.
• • •
Also, I started my History 32 class today. I expect it will also be good fun, if a bit rigorous, but I expected it to be so, trying to compress 18 weeks into 14 days. On the upside, I expected I should have to spend each entire weekend working on papers, but it turns out not to be so, so I'm very happy that I don't have to. There will be lots of reading, but we won't have a semester worth of papers to crank out as well. I'm grateful to Dr. Rose for recognizing that ti would be nigh impossible, and pleased that he designed the class that way.

He does want me to keep a journal, consisting of my notes, reflections on the readings, and critiques of any of the media we see. I imagine much of it will end up here, on the way to being turned into a journal suitable for submission to the professor at the end of the class. I surely don't want to send it to him hand-written (aghast).

Ok, back to work for me. Cheers, all.


p.s. If you went, did you have a good time at KublaCon?
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I got an email from the History Dept undergraduate advisor this afternoon. I'm practically vibrating in my chair with excitement and enthusiasm, even though it was a blanket email to all the prospective Cal History students.

I want to run to the roof and SQUEE at the top of my lungs. Silly of me to be so affected like this. I'm as giddy as a schoolboy. ;)

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I'm thinking I might go shopping for a new shirt. Maybe a polo shirt, in Blue and Gold, because I have been ACCEPTED to UC Berkeley!!

There is rejoicing.

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