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...the urge to re-touch an image goes a little too far.

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So says, [ profile] casnow. Still, this is pretty drafty.

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Many people forget that some of the coldest days of the Cold War weren't all that long ago. Late September of 1983 was fifteen weeks after the opening of WarGames, a movie that seems quaint now, but was scary at the time, and less than 60 days before we were all scared out of our wits by The Day After. They were making Red Dawn at the time.

Just three weeks after the Soviets shot down a South Korean 747 with hundreds of US Citizens aboard, while the US and the USSR were still mortal enemies, deep in a of the Soviet Air Defense bunker, Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov saved the world.

Na zdorovia, Colonel Petrov. Spasibo.

One of these days I want to tell his story in class. I wonder if a 'This Day in History' or 'Five Minutes in History' would be a neat way to introduce stories from the past to my students. Also, would five minutes every few days take away from the other curriculum I need to impart?

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A UK advert for Hovis bread. 122 years of British history in 2 minutes. Pretty damned cool. Even without the sound it's rather gripping. Now, where did I leave my headphones?

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First, I need to make some space, so that the bullets don't get eaten by my icon.

I think it's a failing of this particular theme.

Mayhaps I shall have to change the theme sometime. Here goes....

Hegel says these three things in order (paraphrased):

  • In order to study world history philosophically, we must first ensure that we avoid any a priori assumptions about the nature of the world, or the nature of history, as historians are wont to do.

  • There is a singular spirit that guides and shapes the history of the world that can be rationally understood through studious applications.

  • This singular spirit is guided by divine providence, because the Bible tells us so.

Wait Georg, you had me with the first one, but then I lost you when you drove off the rails.
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I have spent the last week trying to figure out what image to use for my assigned 3-4 page paper in the summer class on Visual Narratives of Race and Gender in Photography and Art. The paper is due Thursday, and so I kind of need to get cracking. There are lots of iconic images from which one could make a choice. I decided that I didn't want to take anything too pop-culture-y, or too new. After thinking on it for a while, I realized what photo I wanted to do. Having looked it up, I've decided that I this is the image for me:

San Francisco, Calif., April 1942. First-graders, some of Japanese ancestry, at the Weill public school pledging allegience to the United States flag. The evacuees of Japanese ancestry will be housed in War relocation authority centers for the duration of the war

Now just to put together a coherent narrative describing the disconnect between the fate of these children and the phrase with liberty and justice for all.
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As a result of my musing about cadastral surveys and their effects on agrarian communities, I was asked, "What is cadastral?"

Sorry I did not explain sooner, but I had school. You know how it is.

A cadastre is... )

By the way, I'm done with school for the next three weeks! Yippee!
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...Dr. Nunberg mentioned that presentism also priveleged the present over the futre. He showed the picture below.

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future

Dan Dare and Digby, his batman, are driving to Space Fleet HQ in answer to an urgent call from the Controller.
Digby: I wonder if anything has happened to the 'Kingfisher', sir?

The presence of the officer's batman shows an assumption that future society would, despite technological advancement, mirror the 1950s society that spawned the comic.

Curiously enough, when he asked the class what a batman was, only one student could answer. Subsequently, the term batman turned up on the Midterm review.

bat·man (bāt'mən)
n. A British military officer's orderly.

[Obsolete bat, packsaddle (from French bât, from Old French bast, from Late Latin bastum) + man.]

batman. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved October 03, 2007, from website:
From the OED:

A man in charge of a bat-horse and its load; a military servant of a cavalry officer. Now generally, an officer's servant.

1755 in S. M. HAMILTON Lett. to Washington I. 96 They have taken..another man who was batman to Doct. Craik. 1809 WELLINGTON in Gurwood Disp. V. 198 The care of the Camp Kettles is not only the business of the Bâtman of the company, but of all the Bâtmen of the regiment. 1844 Regul. & Ord. Army 271 A Bât Man is allowed to the Surgeon for the care of the horse carrying the Instruments. 1855 W. SARGENT Braddock's Exp. 206 The English loss was..a waggoner, three bat-men, and a horse. 1941 Aeronautics Oct. 60/3 R.A.F. officers in the future are to have the services of members of the W.A.A.F. for duties which have been carried out hitherto by batmen. 1955 Times 18 Aug. 5/1 Men employed as outside batmen in the married quarters were expected to clean and polish the houses, clean windows, cut lawns, fetch coal, and run errands. 1966 Times 9 July 9/7 Command Orders say a batman must now be dignified as an ‘orderly’.
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On 3 July 1832, as relations between the province of Texas and Ciudad Mexico continued to falter, General Manuel Mier y Terán, architect of Mexico´s frontier policies, donned his full-dress uniform rode to the grave of Mexico´s first emperor, Augusín de Iturbide, and threw himself on his sword.

In the last letter he wrote, are the words "What wil become of Texas, only God 1 nows knows."

You can't make this shit up. Gods, I need to write this into a game somehow.

Edited to Add: 1 Hey, I was in a rush to get out the door.
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