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The winner of the Audience Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival was Davis Guggenheim's Waiting for Superman. This film is a documentary following the stories of five families across the country as they try to find the best schools and opportunities they can for their children. The film discusses some of the challenges our nation faces as we continue to let schools fail, and hopefully brings some ideas for fixing the problem. The film does feature Jeffrey Canada's work in Harlem, which holds some promise, for sure.

Waiting for Superman is not out yet; apparently still waiting on a distributor. Nonetheless, They released the trailer yesterday. You can find it here.

If you want to share your reactions to the trailer, feel free to do so here. I'd love to hear from you.
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Each of these clips are pretty short.

There are some things that are perfectly ok to say if you're not vice-president.

Oh well, he's no Dan Quayle or Bingo Bob Russell.

Also, Robert Gibbs is no C.J. Cregg...

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Thanks to [ profile] flamingnerd , not for the link exactly, but more for the reminder that sent me searching via Google to find the following. I saw the first video last week, and thought it was pretty damned cool, but was busy so I didn't get around to sharing it. Actually, I can't remember who linked to that one originally (thanks!). Anyway, take a couple of moments when next you have a couple of minutes. The first link is a video, the second is the text of Dr. Shirky's speech Web 2.0, and the third link is a longer video (48:13), but totally worth the watching. Here you go:

Clay Shirky at the Web 2.0 conference talking about Cognitive Surplus (essay).

Clay Shirky speaking at Authors@Google speaking on the internet as a social and connecting force in our lives.

The first video is quite a bit shorter than the other, but wow, they're both really amazing talks. Mostly they make me think, Wow, it's an amazing time to be alive..

Over the summer break (all three weeks of it), I'm thinking of reading Shirky's new book, Here Comes Everybody.
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From Harper's Index for October 2006:
Minimum amount of USDA farm subsidies since 2000 that have been paid out to people who do not farm: $1,300,000,000

Minimum value of “small business” contracts given out by the U.S. last year that went to Fortune 500 firms: $1,200,000,000
Dairy Industry Crushed Innovator Who Bested Price-Control System

I get really frustrated when folks claim that our socio-cultural-economic system rewards people who work hard and punishes layabouts. Many people who self-identify as conservatives rail against 'the Welfare state', even as they support initiatives that provide government assistance to those (rather, companies who purchase their candidates of choice) unable to compete in the market without help. Cornel West describes some of these people as free-market fundamentalists. At first I thought this was a misnomer, as these free-market fundamentalists don't hew to a strict view of the free market, where each actor has an equal chance in the market to face off against his or her competitors. Then I realized that 'fundamentalist' means less a fundamental interpretation of the intent of the original concept, and more a personal interpretation about how to self-justify one's own prejudice, nevermind the consequence. Just like much other fundamentalism, really.
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I present KingDaddy's discussion of the current administration's exhortations to Israel to widen the Middle East conflict. While KingDaddy notes that while Israel has spurned US officials' recommendations that they attack Syria, it shows a disturbing tell that GWB and Company have failed to learn any meaningful lessons from their current adventurism in Iraq. Lovely.

There's a Newsweek political cartoon this week showing a couple looking on at a Jeremiah carrying a sign that reads "The End is Near". The man looks to his friend and says, "That used to be funny."

Welcome to the desert of the surreal.

Also, I just read an article about Oliver Stone's film, World Trade Center, which is coming out soon. I don't know if I'm looking forward to sobbing in the theater, but I think I perhaps shall see this one anyway.

In happier news, [ profile] darkforge is not just a square, he's a cube. Happy birthday, man, and felcitations on your 3^3!
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[profile] name_redacted, I assume you've already heard this one. After Oklahoma City, the Armed Forces really tightened up their requirements for entry, specifically with an eye towards weeding out the white supremacists, and Christian extremists. Recently though, in the wake of increasing recruitment pressures, the Defense Department has apparently relaxed these restrictions. So basically, in order to fight the war against foreign terrorists, we're training our future domestic terrorists. So we're now seeing Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad, a predictable (although unintentioned) result of such policies. When these guys come home with weapons and explosives training, what other predictable results might we expect? Just another example of your administration making the world safe for from terrorists.

Well, there goes my good mood. 

Credit where credit is due:  

  • With no thanks to Kingdaddy, for the information. I don't know why I read this guy who depresses me so much, except that he's one of the most cogent foreign policy analysts I've read, and an all-around smart guy, too boot.
  • The icon comes from Doonesbury, by Gary Trudeau.


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...I want the impunity to be able to shoot at people ETA: attorneys who will then apologize to me for not being fast enough to get out of the way.
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I surmise that it might be better to post when I have something to share.

From [ profile] unitarian_jihad, I found a link to the post quoted below by Mr. [ profile] xiphias.

So, I was just telling my parents about my Octopus/Inteligent Design theory. . .  )

[ profile] name_redacted, this is not for you alone, but I did think you might get some special enjoyment from it.
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